The purpose of an MBM Editing endorsed testimonial is to tell the story of our mission, which is to provide quality advisory services of editing, writing, marketing, public relations and research, improve the quality of communication for our clients and deliver outstanding customer support for our clients. Testimonials from clients are shared with MBM Editing staff members and published in our internal newsletter. They are shared with partners, associates and the public at large. We incorporate them into news articles and press releases. Testimonials are used in a variety of print and on-line marketing pieces. This is what clients are saying.

"As owner of a business consulting firm, I hired MBM Editing to properly edit, format and design a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) for one of my clients. I received brilliant suggestions that exceeded my expectations. MBM Editing was responsive to listening to the needs and goals I had in finalizing my client’s SOQ and worked diligently with me to produce an outstanding document." - Steve Flanigan (United States)

"MBM Editing provided the most professional, enjoyable and fun business cards for both my personal and professional life. I have been handing them out to family, friends, associates and clients. The cards are displayed prominently in my office and home. I could not be more pleased with the editor’s extensive experience and communication during the design phase, outstanding customer service and timely product delivery. I am pleased to recommend and refer the various, detailed and expansive services and products of MBM Editing." - Sandra Parker (United States)

"MBM Editing is filled with competent writers, editors and communicators. Working with Margie Mushkin and her team is easy, empowering and inspiring. She not only improves the quality of documents but also becomes your professional partner to help elevate the impact and attention of written works within your strategy. I would not hesitate to recommend her services. " - Harris Communications (United States)

"Thank you very much for all the corrections and feedback. You completed exactly what my professor suggested should be accomplished. MBM Editing provided an excellent writing and editing service and produced fantastic documents on my behalf. The diligent efforts are truly appreciated. "
- Connie Nickodema (United States)

"MBM Editing taught me essential tools that led me to start a business and movie it forward exponentially. As a result of wonderful writing recommendations and structure, my business documents seem more polished. I truly appreciate your professional communication skills, diligent work ethic and personalized customer service." - Susan Johnson (United States)

"I worked in partnership with MBM Editing to assist me with my business marketing program. Your extensive writing and editing prowess taught me how to be a powerful leader, take on greater responsibilities and gain a stronger sense of accomplishment. Excellent editing and writing job well done. You saved me from stressing about my work requirements. Thank you so much for working on it so quickly. I met my deadline and turned in complete work in the nick of time. I will be using your communication prowess in the near future." - Jose Valdez (United States)

"Thank very much. The super job you did on my resume landed me the job I had been seeking. Nice work! I am so pleased with your diligent work ethic. Will you be able to help me out with my other assignment? That was a really nice writing job you delivered. Looking forward to letting my friends know about your professional, responsible, quality efforts." - Keller Dobson (United States)

"I was not expecting much but your work was beyond my expectations. MBM Editing provided editing and writing help with my marketing report to produce a great document and assisted me with my business requirements. You really saved my day. Pleased that you can deliver within deadline requirements." Jessica Alvarado (United Kingdom)

"I became a member of the web site and respect the reputation for quality and integrity. I needed a way to increase the visibility for my new business and both the training tools and effective communications work well for me. I immediately started using the services, visiting all the pages and uploading documents for processing. The ongoing support has been absolutely wonderful. MBM Editing encourages me and understands my frustrations and triumphs in completing projects. I highly recommend membership in mbmediting.com where you will receive benefits way beyond your expectations." - Vicente Rheinsom (United Kingdom)

"Fantastic fact checking job! Thanks for meeting my deadline. Appreciate the timely delivery. I was really in need of help and you really answered my prayers. I have an account on the web site because I wanted to be part of a quality communications company and easily download my documents for assistance. I receive real value for my membership and have received more than my time and money are worth. The services, programs and content really give me what I was looking for which makes it a positive situation all the way around. " - Foster Charleston (United States)

"I will definitely assign my next projects to you. Appreciate it if you would assign the same editor for me with all of my writing problem situations. Commendable editing and research job. My boss was so impressed with the work you supplied on my behalf, he assigned greater responsibilities." - Kenrich Ginsman (United Kingdom)