In order to use some features of the Web Site, users must first complete a registration form to establish membership. During registration, users supply contact information, including, but not limited to, name, user name, password and e- mail address. All personal information is provided to establish membership, solicit specialty services and goods, post information and submit communications. This information is used to advise visitors about the topics for which they have expressed interest, enable users to retrieve lost user names and passwords and contract for services and goods. We also use the information we collect to provide our services and products, measure and improve those features, fulfill Site membership and send and receive pertinent information about transactions.

With an online account on the Web Site, you can enjoy Quick Access to Your Information with improved navigation; Enhanced Account Insights with a new graphic tool to make it easier to sort and categorize your service orders and Easy Online Statements that allow you to schedule your payments with only a few clicks.

Going green is now more rewarding.

  • E-statements are eco-friendly
  • Paperless billing
  • Reduce clutter and save time
  • Keep your information secure
  • Helping the environment has never been more convenient

Your statement of account provides an overview of the information that will appear on your invoice so you will know what you are paying for and what to expect. Your billing statement will indicate payment due for services you have retained. Take time to review your statement and other information. View your statements online! E-statements are convenient, secure and eco-friendly. We offer easy to understand services and provide you with a clear bill. Your statement not only gives you a listing of charges and payment information. We will also explain things that may differ from your statement. The invoice contains special messages. You will receive messages such as balance due, savings or new services and products.

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  • The Web Site is fast, easy and secure.
  • We are only a click away.
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  • Bragging rights you are in a membership club!

You can trust MBM Editing to provide the highest standard of editing, writing, marketing, public relations and research services.