Fact Checking

Fact Checking services are provided at the rate of $40 per hour. Fact Checking involves individuals who check factual assertions in non-fictional text, often intended for publication to determine veracity and correctness. The job requires general knowledge and the ability to conduct accurate research for the collection of data. The resources and time needed for fact checking indicate that this work requires detailed research to collect the data and information. Fact Checking is most crifical for publishing material written by authors who are not trained reporters of information. Some writers are more likely to make professional, ethical or factual mistakes that establish the need for Fact Checking. Checked copy averts serious, sometimes costly problems such as legal issues and discreditation. Fact Checkers are also useful in catching accidental mistakes, verifying information and sources, ensuring data and graphics are correct, streamlining copy and filling in missing information as well. Editors are the last line of defense against misinformation, hoaxes, plagiarism and fabrication.