Editing and proofreading services are provided at the rate of $10 per page. Editing is the process of selecting and preparing writing, on line and other media used to convey information through the processes of correction, condensation, amendment and other modifications performed with the intention of producing correct, consisistent, accurate and complete work.

Editing may include the correction of grammatical mistakes, misspellings, mistyping, incorrect punctuation, inconsistencies in usage, poorly structured sentences, incorrect terms, inconsistency in significant issues, written ambivalence, correction of statements and conflicts with general knowledge, correction of synopsis and content, index inaccuracies and confused subheadings.

The editing process often begins with the author's idea for the work itself, continuing as a collaboration between the author and the editor as the work is created and the editing is completed. Editing is a practice that includes creative skills, human relations and a precise set of methods. MBM Editing editors and writers enhance communications, impress readers and achieve new solutions for written challenges.