Editing & Proofreading $10.00 per page

Copy Writing $30.00 per page

Research $30.00 per hour

Fact Checking $40.00 per hour

Marketing $55.00 per hour

Public Relations $55.00 per hour

A page is a maximum of 300 words.

Delivery Service

Standard Delivery

Seven Days $10.00

Rush Delivery

Three Days $17.50

Urgent Delivery

One Day $25.00
MBM Editing: Who what where when why how words on a daily newspaper, MBM Editing news is powerful editing plus writing, magazines, newsletters, essayists
Dollars & Sense             
MBM Editing provides quality services including editing and proofreading, copy writing, research, fact checking, marketing and public relations. We enhance communications, create powerful documents, impress readers and achieve new solutions for written challenges. We have a proven history and strategy of innovation and creativity to better our customers overall experience. Identify new opportunities for communicating, see the beginning of a trend of writing efficiency, stay a step ahead of reader demands and alleviate the mad rush of deadlines. We deliver a uniquely personal experience with hands on help from trusted coaches, advisers and communication specialists.

Delivery rates are based on a standard seven days, three days or one day transfer of your completed paperwork. These are at the rate of $10, $17 or $25. Delivery service is selected at the point of submitting documents. Our editing and proofreading prices are competitive and charges are kept to a minimum in order to allow all customers affordability.

Customer Service
We are committed to your satisfaction and Ensure you have achieved satisfactory services and products. We pride ourselves with the results we produce and our prompt responses to your submissions and requests. We will always provide completely readable and powerful documents. Our services and products are of the highest quality and are respected in the most reputable companies in the industry. It is our commitment to provide the best at every price point so you receive results you can trust to provide accurate, measureable data to identify and effect positive growth and change.

We provide friendly, polite and expert customer service, including anticipating customer needs, suggesting alternatives and have the ability to meet those needs. We guarantee your complete satisfaction with the results you receive. If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with the services and products you receive, please let us know how we may resolve your issue or issues to achieve a satisfactory result. You are welcome to e-mail or contact us directly at (619) 933-3773. We are based in Denver, Colorado and operate in the Mountain Time Zone.